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Street Artists and Muralists to Paint All 314 Threatened North American Birds

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Audubon Society is sponsoring numerous muralists in New York City to paint endangered birds everywhere!

The art is meant to showcase how climate change is affecting many beloved birds. 

Jonnot says by 2080 these threatened birds’ climate suitability range will contract by at least 50 percent, or shift by at least 50 percent to a different area. If this shift takes place, there is no way of knowing whether the shifted habitat will be suitable. And if it proves unsuitable, the birds won’t be able to survive there, even if its geographic size is equivalent to their original habitat. The Audubon Society’s models predict the same thing will happen to bird species already considered “endangered,” but by 2050. Jonnot emphasizes that the threatened and endangered birds likely won’t go extinct, but the situation still calls for positive action.

“When you hear that almost half of North American birds are threatened or endangered by climate change, it’s pretty dramatic,” Jonnot says. “Birds are very beloved animals and they’re everywhere, and there are no politics around them. The people who love birds are of every political and social stripe, so [the mural project] is a way to kind of cut through the bullshit politics around this issue and get people seeing and caring about it through a different angle.”

The Audubon Society has shown this information to focus groups, which have included people deeply skeptical of climate change, and even those who flat out don’t believe the phenomenon is real. But when presented data on the threatened and endangered birds, Jonnot says these very same people grow concerned and say they’re willing to do something about it.

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