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In Attempt To Get Bums Back on Seats, MoviePass Launches an “Offline Netflix” | PandoDaily

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Wow. This is perfect for movie theater fans:

"Here’s how it works for the consumer. You pay for a MoviePass subscription, which will cost somewhere in the region of $20 to $40 a month, and you get a special debit card. Provided the cinemas you attend accept credit cards, that gets you into as many films as you want without having to pay extra. (The pass doesn’t include the more-expensive 3D films.)

When you want to see a movie, you go to the cinema, open your MoviePass app, check in, and select the film you want to see. You then take your MoviePass card and buy a ticket at the kiosk. The card only works once you have checked in, and the check-in system only works if you are within 100 yards of the cinema. MoviePass then pays full price for the ticket, and you go on your merry way to watch Christian Bale slaughter the baddies."

That's one way. The other way is to have reserved seats in your own little section, ability to bring food and drinks in, ipad ordering and waitress delivery of food and alcohol, and sametime dvd/blu-ray/uv sales.

Other than that, I'll just stay home and watch it.

Some places do that -- the food ordering part.

So I could watch Dark Knight Rises ten times for one low price?

Someone is going to lose money on this...

Watching dark knight rises for one low price...that sounds excellent. :)

That is a lot of steps... I can only guess that they have NO integration with actual movie theater chains.


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