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The Daily Message Idea by Evan Williams: Reliable Messaging at a Reasonable Pace

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forward to the past: "Idea: 

A messaging service/app that only delivers once per day (say, noon). It’s like going to the mailbox and seeing what’s there for you. And then it doesn’t matter if you write back in five minutes or five hours — it gets delivered at the same time (unless you miss the post that day)."

It's like Twitter but you only get to send one message per day?

Neat. Seems like people would be a lot more careful if they could only tweet once per day. 

I think this is like real, snail-mail.  You can write as much as you want, but you can send only once a day at a particular moment ‑ same as delivering your envelopes to the post-office.

I think I get it. But it would be delivered electronically right?

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