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The day my network expanded by a Twitter DM, by David Molina

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One of the best short, real explanations of networking that you will ever read. This guy took himself from migrant farmworkers' camps to the military to tech entrepreneurship by working his networks all the way... but he clearly explains how one or two moments can make all the difference.

Yes. Thanks for sharing, this is a good story:

The DM that changed and accelerated most everything and has led me on a path to diversify the tech industry with military veterans came to and from Jonathan Coveney. He had been very helpful providing invaluable feedback on the BilingualHire app. Prior to that he gave great input on NestNote. In one instance, he mentioned another individual that I should connect with. Another Hispanic. That person was laura i. gómez. She was just leaving Twitter, had traveled extensively throughout Latin America and was getting ready to launch her own tech startup focused on diversifying the tech workforce using machine learning. It took nearly two-years for us to meet in person, but we DM’d periodically.


That first DM intro from Jonathan Coveney was key. That DM expanded my network to another valley unlike the Skagit Valley I grew up in. He genuinely wanted to help and he did.

This valley, the Silicon Valley is by most accounts, the mecca for the world’s most formidable technology titans and startups of our time. But that DM acknowledged something further. Something about the power of networks.

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