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The perfect controls of Assassin’s Creed | VentureBeat

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Assassin's Creed evolves those controls in excellent ways. It took time to adjust to the sword fights's rhythms, but I quickly learned the ropes as my assassin climbed the ranks. I simply locked onto soldiers and hacked at them with the attack button or parry-riposted.

The battles almost became too easy after I earned that counter-attack. I could divert every single enemy slash at the moment of impact, then wipe out every guard I encountered. In fact, I didn't even have to sneak around anymore. It's not like anybody could stop me if I walked right in through the front door.

It did become somewhat repetitive, but the easy-as-pie controls have a magnetic appeal for me. Playing through Bayonetta, I need an instruction manual for everything, because it's impossible to remember the exact timing of every single combo attack. I suppose I could use the techniques outlined in the pause menu, but how is consulting a manual every five seconds fun? I came to play, not to repeatedly stop and study. Too-specific, timed-button combos like those keep me from enjoying -- or finishing -- otherwise brilliant games.


I like it. Keep it simple.

Have you played the new Assassin's Creed? Do you like it?

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