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The Art of Throwing a Tomahawk, plus Kevin Hicks Shows How to Shoot a Longbow

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You plan on taking up tomahawk throwing Geege?

There is an allure.

Actually getting the tomahawk to sink into the target is a different story altogether. The process is less macho and more Zen. The key to throwing hawks successfully is learning how to get out of your own damn way. It’s like skiing on powder skis in a knee-deep fluff—you have to let the gear do what it’s designed to do. Don’t try to muscle it. Your job is to set the tomahawk in motion, then let the ax do all the work. 

Neat! Bow hunting has an allure too:

Be sure to read the 1500 Reddit comments too:

What a great video! Each part of the weapon required a specialist to craft it.  But in the end, "It was all down to this: being able to look at your enemy and put him down."

Thanks Reddit! He's called Kevin Hicks, there's loads of clips on youtube of him: Robin Hood by Kevin Hicks

Oh that's good!

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