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The Muscular Dystrophy Patient and Olympic Medalist with the Same Genetic Disorder

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Mind-boggling account of citizen science over a literal LIFETIME. Jill Viles, the lady on the right with the skinny legs, patiently tracked down not one but TWO rare genetic diseases that ran in her family. Oddly enough, one of them is shared by Patricia Lopes-Schliep, the lady on the left with the amazingly cut musculature.

Amazing story:

The two women have stayed in touch. They talk about their kids. Priscilla is quite sure her daughters got her mutation. She can feel the difference between other kids and her own when she lifts them. Her girls are dense, with solid muscles.

In my years of reporting on genetics and athleticism, I only know of two other cases where rare versions of single genes were associated with elite athletic performance, and the other two debuted in medical journals.

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