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What If Corporations Could Advertise in Our Dreams?

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The writer James B. Twitchell once said: "The real question is not: How many ads do we see? The real question is: What do we have to do to see no ads? And the answer is: go to sleep." Twitchell's claim was valid once—now, imagine where escape would be if advertisers could access your dreams. 

According to the makers of the short film below, researchers claim that this may actually be possible soon enough. Our consumption appears within hours of sleep, from books, to conversations, characters, and situations, so what's to stop them? While, at the moment, this is strictly held as a futuristic nightmare, the ways in which dream advertising might work come to life in the surreal piece from Studio Smack

Interesting thought experiment but I like that sleep is our escape from advertising. 

Is it? IS IT?

It is for me. At least for now. 

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