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Star Wars toymakers told to exclude Rey

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 hmm.With somehow... their rarity effecting higher value in the collector market. This was always the case with Spawn, Xmen toys back when. Except, production #'s then would reflect the same point now - that makers/executives were/are pessimistic about consumer demand and therefore don't produce the female toys. It was probably unsaid back then, and just known/assumed, that boys liked male leads, that Wolverine would do much better than Dazzler. But I guess this, like the recent Westworld controversy, is different because it's overt, intentional, strategic. In today's age, I'm surprised (but also not surprised). Marvel could have told them about the shift to female demographic as they started doing comics featuring all females. Actually, generations of hetero teenage consumption could have informed them. Grown men still worship statues of Vampirella, Psylocke, and Witchblade (for obvious reason though). Long Tail could have told them to produce even the most obscure character. You know what, Slave Leia could've told them the opposite of what they supposedly told the toymakers - that "boys don't like when girls are on the product"...But it is about costs of production vs return, and they made their normal business decision.In all honesty, I think Disney/Lucasfilm is so used to reinforcing conservative gender-normative behavior and identity (both Star Wars and Disney) that Star Wars 7, and the progressive way JJ Abrams chose to depict it, is actually very new territory for their merchandising and strategy. It's actually so new that they didn't know how to market this female character to a predominantly male audience, or pre-sage the idea that this historically male property has become adopted by all genders, all people of all types of all backgrounds, and that they can just leave it as it is and let people choose. (Maybe I'm making assumptions, but) It's as if they figured out ethno-centric products and markets, but not a single globalized multi-gender, multi-ethnic product and market all at once. At least where this merchandising snafu is concerned.As if, they didn't see it as an opportunity to create a market of new toy consumers (girls buying action figures typically for boys?); or even as a chance to pre-empt this exact type of story.Iono, lots about this, if true.

I heard about this. My first thought was adolescent boys holding in their hands female characters and that they can maneuver however they want — I must be spending too much time reading untoward news articles.

If it's true then I'm very disappointed in Disney and Lucasfilm. 

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