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J.P. Morgan to Workaholics: Knock It Off

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. is giving its investment bankers an unusual mandate: Relax, take some time off. 

The firm launched a new effort on Thursday to encourage its investment bankers to take their weekends off as long as there isn't a live deal in the works. 


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"Goldman Sachs reduces intern day to 17 hours after death of Bank of America Corp. intern"


17 hours "Reduces"? And doesn't consider commute times.

Yeah, they pretty much want their people working all the time. 

From the lead article: "We're not tearing the whole place upside down, it is enhancements...and realistic to what this generation wants". And what caused "this generation" to want less work hours?

Because it's natural to want to work less hours! :)

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