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Where to Find Your Next Superstar Freelancer

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Gig Economy

What did you learn from this article?

1. I want to look into (some of) those companies.

2. I have stashed this article for further consideration - and sharing.  I had recently interviewed a number of people who had gotten "a foot in the door" by working with those gig companies, thus solving a catch-22 problem of "not enough experience to get a job that will build this experience".

3. Also, some time ago I had read an article about Uber (need to find it) discussing pro and cons of "gig economy" - flexibility versus no benefits etc.

So I am thinking of writing a blog post on different aspects of this topic.

Write it. Sounds interesting.

I'd like to see that Uber article too.

What I read agreed with what I've realized a long time ago: Think peripherals. Every growing business needs feed from multiple sources; supply those sources. Take the development of CDs or VHS or DVDs. Think packaging all that. Think rubbery brown boxes and plastic jewel cases (Peter Doodson, designer). Not glamorous; worth a fortune.

Ah, here is one more side, thank you!

These numbers are big:

  • More than a third of all U.S. workers have freelanced within the past year, according to Freelancers Union.
  • 700,000--The number of Americans who have joined the freelance work force in the past year, according to an October Freelancers Union survey.
  • 17 million--The number of users on Australian-based, the world's most populated freelancer 

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