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"4D Printing" Creates Objects That Change Shape

Scientists improved upon 3D printing technology by adding another dimension, time. By modeling the natural behavior of plants, they have created objects that can shift their shape.


And video (wow), alone:

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You're right, that video is wow!

What should we build first?


Good answer! More 3D printed homes, please...

Let's make poncho-like sheets first — something to keep us from harsh elements while waiting for housing. Outer garments that 'grow larger' at certain levels of moisture, instead of absorbent garments that get heavy in rain.

You are a fountain of good ideas, Marlene. Housing ponchos for the win!

This one's for you Adam. Couldn't be a nicer fit...

frazz in case of crabby entrepreneur billionaire comic

I like it Marlene! Instant Billionairitude would not be good for most people. 

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