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Carbon dioxide captured from air can be directly converted into methanol fuel.

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Holy smokes:

The benefits are two-fold: The process removes harmful CO2 from the atmosphere, and the methanol can be used as an alternative fuel to gasoline. The work represents an important step that could one day lead to a future "methanol economy," in which fuel and energy storage are primarily based on methanol.

Of course it's possible to convert one form of carbon to another... notice that they don't mention the efficiency of the process.  The first commentator suggests it's less than 30%, in my guess that is generous.  Without getting too deep into math, will a process that loses massive amounts of energy help us clean up a problem that comes from energy expenditure?  Of course not. 

Right, not yet.

If they can make it more efficient then this process holds more promise. 

That's a big if. 

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