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Don’t worry Uber and Lyft drivers: self-driving cars won’t take your job for at least a decade, by Robert Scoble

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Social aspects of self-driving cars - we are just not ready! 

Robert Scoble gives 10 reasons why it will take at least 10 years. 

When I think of self driving cars I am not thinking of mere driver assistance features like pulling out of your garage, radar-assisted cruise control (all three of my Toyotas have that, by the way), keep in lane features, or parking features.

No, I am talking about the full monty: where a car can drive around town without any human inside AND without a steering wheel.

That’s what it will take to threaten the Uber driver’s livelihood. We are a LONG way from being able to buy that kind of car for less than $40,000, which is what it would take too. Some of the insiders say we’re 15 years away from such a car. Some say even more.

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