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git coloring things

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in .gitconfig...



[color "status"]

changed = yellow

untracked = cyan

[color "diff"]

meta = yellow

frag = magenta

old = red

new = green


autocrlf = false

 mi no comprendo! Oh, well, I guess I let my brain wander away anyway!  Feedback: would love Cmd+Enter to -reply- I'm confused if the "Save" button actually replies.. or does something else.. Facebook has a really good ui design for commenting, Google+ copied many aspects of facebook ux, you guys can too.  The design is still blah.  Preserving newlines in comments would be great too. Facebook collapses multiple newlines to I think at most 2 or something like that. Thanks for adding an "Edit" button! Last but not least I highly recommend EmberJS if you really want to up the UX in a maintainable way