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7 Steps to Master the Art of Persuasion

These aren't too surprising or novel, but they actually are a bit different than the usual posts on this subject and I agree with the list.


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Politicians know repetition is important but we entrepreneurs need to learn this, too.

1. Repetition is the key to getting people’s attention.

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly assume that their passion will cause their message to immediately stand out above the din of today’s information overload. In fact, most people today have developed filters to ignore unsolicited inputs until they have heard it several times in both written and verbal form.

Stories are more important than facts, for persuasion.

3. Use contrasting story scenarios to illustrate the impact.

Stories are often more convincing than simple statements of fact. If you can integrate the receiver directly into the story, the potential impact is even greater. The power of contrast, or side-by-side comparison of outcomes, is an effective mover of people from old beliefs to new ones.

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