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the way you're born can mess with the microbes you need to survive

In our first three years of life, a great diversity of microbes self-organizes into a life-support system. This critical period lays the foundation for all the biological processes that unfold in our childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age—unless something comes along to disrupt it. Today it is in peril.

The Way You're Born Can Mess With the Microbes You Need to Survive | WIRED

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We gotta learn more about how to improve and repair a microbiome. 

Is it through good diet choices that include high fiber foods, fermented foods, kefir, buttermilk, and yogurt?

those foods are excellent.  the high fiber is especially important for creating an environment in which our little helpful microorganisms can thrive.

and it looks like probiotics are the best way to get there quickly.  still, my understanding is that it can take years to heal an unhealthy gut.

I'm always looking for more to read about healing an unhealthy gut so if you find anything good please stash it. 

I mean, we can't help how we are born. 

But we can decide how to eat and how to live.

true.  but we can help how our children are born (unless there's an emergency!).

It's a reminder to be careful about how our children are born. 

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