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Self-Sabotage as Passive Aggression Toward the Self

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"From deep within, as a kind of hapless puppet, you may be controlled by programs so antagonistic or contradictory that it's simply impossible to achieve what, otherwise, might be well within your grasp."

It's as though you've given--let's say--your overly judgmental parents permanent residency inside your head (and rent free, at that!), with the inevitable result that these perennial authority figures constantly remind you that you're not good enough, that you can't live up to their expectations. Sadly, in the recesses of your brain, their critical voice has become your own. This unfortunate "importation" phenomenon is what psychoanalysts commonly call "introjects"--wherein you've unconsciously imbibed the detrimental messages about self that your once terribly significant others (however inadvertently) imparted to you."

Emma Seppala says we need to learn Self-compassion.

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