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Is imposter syndrome a sign of greatness?

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Imposter syndrome was originally identified as a condition unique to women. While it is not sex or gender exclusive, it is now believed to be far more prevalent among women than men, especially among women working in male-dominated industries.

Part of that is likely because women are often expected to downplay their abilities, as clinical psychologist Hamira Riaz tells Quartz. “They can’t get away with some of the peacocking that you get with successful men.”

Although imposter syndrome has some benefits, such as driving people to work harder, it can also lead to burnout and should not be considered a desirable condition, points out Collet. “It has really negative effects. I don’t think anybody should wish that I have that and I wish every day I felt like putting on a show.”

I feel Imposter Syndrome sometimes, too. I don't feel that it has any benefits. 

I keep forgetting I am an adult, and had been one for a long time already, so when Imposter Syndrome kicks in, for me it takes form of "Wow, look at myself, like I am a big girl now!" :)   You are right, no benefits that I can discern...

Except for the benefit that it reminds you that you're an adult. :)

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