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What do recruiters look for in a resumé at first glance? by James Baxley, Quora

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Yes, yes, yes!

" I'm not really looking for what company they worked for, but I am looking for several things here. I am looking at how they present the experience and jobs.

Are they just telling me what they did? Or are they telling me how they helped the company? Are they telling me what they brought to the table in order to help with the company's bottom line?"

So basically it's about:

1. How they communicate, and

2. How they have helped companies meet their business goals.

It sounds like both of those points are about communication. I suppose (almost) every employee helps a company achieve it's goals, the question is - how do you describe it on your resume.  I usually suggest listing accomplishments rather than responsibilities. "Designed, developed and tested" does not tell me anything - every software engineer does that.

So this particular post is more about the fact that resume does matter - as long as there is a human reading it. The way you put it together tells us what kind of person you are.  Of course there are "diamonds in the rough" but not every company can afford them.

I see. How you describe what you did matters, and there is no rule book for how best to do that. 

Come to think of it - this is a two-sided situation.  I remember reading an opinion that typos in a resume should not matter. So if you do not want to work in the environment where attention is being paid to grammar and such, you can keep sending your un-polished resume and filter your future employers this way.  Actually I had talked to candidates who refused making changes to resume with the argument that if a hiring manager unable to "get them" "as is", they are not interested in working for such a person.

To your point, the key is to find a culture that is a good match. :)

Exactly! And negative result is still a result. :)

Please clarify — I never understood how people got a human to read their resume, especially with online applications. That first step to being noticed was a real doozy.

I want to say - use recruiters :), but this would be self-serving.  No, really, I do not think I had ever applied through the system - I remember always sending a resume. So I am afraid I cannot really help here, other than suggest making sure your resume (or your application) has all the keywords job description lists as requirements. This way your resume progresses to a human.

Warm introduction is the best way to get noticed. 

Go through someone who knows a person inside the company. 

Easier said than done of course because you have to know someone. 

Thanks. And this isn't for me, personally, but I've always wondered how people did it. (My field has been esoteric enough that applying online wasn't a factor.)

Schmoozing 101?

It doesn't even have to be schmoozing. It could just be that we have someone in common on LinkedIn who is ready and willing to make a direct referral. 

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