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The Future Of Listening Doppler Labs' Here Earbuds Is Now Ready For Your Ears

The Future Of Listening Is Now Ready For Your Ears Popular Science

The Here buds (which is the shorthand I’ve taken to using) aren’t really just about cutting noise out, although they can do that. Their power lies in the ability to fine-tune the noise that we’ve passively accepted our entire lives. It’s curating your listening experience.


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The Here buds don’t play music, and you can’t launch Siri from them. Right now, they’re meant for short bursts of listening. I found myself putting them in when I was walking down the stairs to the NYC subway, where they took the edge off an otherwise harrowing commute. I was walking by construction the other day, and cut out the jackhammer. But I’m wearing them now, as I type, to lower the noise of office ventilation systems and (assuredly important) chatter of coworkers. This is most of the use for us, the general people of the world.

But the main pitch by Doppler Labs isn’t for these mundane applications. Instead of cutting things out, they want people to use Here buds to make music better.

We naturally tune out background noise. Here buds make us even better at it. 

Why are the hearbuds hanging out on a succulent plant?

You are getting sleepy. That's a jade plant.  Here Buds will be full of money.

I'm missing something. I see no plant. 

here buds plant meme imgur

Thank you. That pic didn't load for me when I read the original article. But I see it now!

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