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Men all over the world are crying!

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The first of its kind — Sheryl Sandberg's unabashed public acknowledgment and acceptance of crying. This should serve us well, and in immeasurable ways:

"She [her mother] has tried to fill the empty space in my bed, holding me each night until I cry myself to sleep." ~ on the death of her husband; written 6/3/15

I don't know why crying had bad associations attached to it. It's cathartic to cry. 

Showing emotions... heck, having emotions... a sign of weakness. Maybe because life was so hard, with Wars and the Great Depression, most, if not all, of the 19th & 20th centuries stoicism and 'the show must go on' attitude were the marks of mature, responsible adults. (Male, mostly, women were chastised for not showing emotion.) 

Well then I'm happy times have changed. Being authentic is now a sign of strength. 

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