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Uber driver Joseph Ziyaee made $90,000 in six months while barely driving at all, thanks to recruiter fees.

The first month that Uber driver Joseph Ziyaee made over $20,000 through the service, he only gave one ride. 

No, Ziyaee didn’t cart someone across the country: He makes nearly all of his money through the referral bonuses he gets when he signs up other drivers. 

Total, he’s made ~$90,000 in the past six months while giving a tiny number of actual rides, according to pay stubs viewed by Business Insider.

Although Ziyaee has been incredibly successful, he’s not alone in his approach of making money off of Uber without driving. A quick Google search reveals a bunch of other budding entrepreneurs:


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Amway redux?

Kind of. I did not know that Uber needs to recruit that badly. 

we are all uber drivers, you just did not know that yet

All ubers will eventually be self-driving, we're just not there yet.

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