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Drink Water At The Correct Time To Stay Healthy

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When is the best time to drink water and why?Two glasses of water in the morning after waking up(helps activate internal organs)One glass of water thirty minutes before a meal (aids in digestion)One glass of water taking a bath (Helps you avoid high blood pressure)One glass of water before going to bed (helps to avoid strokes and heart attacks)

Starting each day with water is what executive Kat Cole does.

I didn't know about meals. 

If I drink water before bed it might make me get up in the middle of the night. 

Cool stuff, Geege.

I enjoy the pure water angle in the morning as a flushing and purifying catalyst after a night of bodily repair and autophagy.  The body doesn't react to pure water with nothing in it, in other words it absorbs and sheds it quickly, flushing out any accumulated impurities from the previous day.  Pure water doesn't start any digestive processes and won't recirculate crap in your bowels back into your bloodstream, and will kickstart the brief peristalsis that ushers out that ever so gratifying morning constitutional.  Which is why fasting is so restful to the body...

Adding just a little lemon to pure water brings a much more robust metabolic ignition and liver stimulation.

I've found lasting positive benefits to be had both ways and either/both are a very good daily practices. Cool post.

Adding lemon is a good idea, Rob.

Is "pure" water the same as tap water. That's what I mostly drink.

Sure, tap water can be pure (meaning naturally occurring in nature as close as it can be to being free from human toxins or environmental ones), but that really depends upon your public water supply... New York City has a pretty good public water supply from upstate, but you still have to reckon (even if the source is pure) whether or not they dose with chlorine, add fluorides and etc. plus you've got the storage and distribution issues with tanks and pipes and even plumbing in older apartment buildings (or cheaply maintained ones) that might be leaching some contaminants and etc.

But I don't think about that stuff much... if it tastes good I usually just fill a big container and leave it open on the counter so any chlorine will evaporate in a day... or you can buy a water filter... and didn't I read that somewhere here on PandaWhale:

buy a filter or be the filter...

First I've seen of that "buy a filter" line. It's a good one. 

Added fluorides are bad, you say?

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