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The Witness: how Jonathan Blow rejected game design rules to make a masterpiece

There’s no story, no tutorial and no human interaction, yet this puzzle game has been a huge hit. Could it all be down to Blow’s idiosyncratic approach to development?

"When Thekla released trailers for The Witness last year, some people imagined that those boring maze panels were secondary to something more mechanically or thematically complex – but actually drawing lines from point to point really is the only way to interact with anything on the beautiful, lifeless, Myst-inspired island on which the game is set. Those keen to extract a narrative can make their own interpretations, but for others, working out all of the different rules by which to solve the hundreds of puzzles will be satisfaction enough."

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I'm pretty sure that enjoying the mental challenge of solving puzzles has long been a part of human history. Not so with blow-'em up games.

Blow em up games fulfill a different human urge.

But you're right that we as humans like to solve problems and puzzles.

This looks good, visually stimulating.

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