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See America's largest firework explode

Watch as a crew sets and detonates a 1,175-pound firework in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was the largest ever detonated in North America and possibly the heaviest anywhere in the world.

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Beautiful launch and 'chrysanthemum', but they didn't give any dimensions. I wonder what was the height and width.

That's an important missing fact, so far I can't find the dimension, but did find another article about it:

"Krug worked on the guts of the firework, which is stuffed with about 350 pieces of explosives called stars.

Each star is made by filling a tube with a proprietary concoction of chemicals.

“We’ve spent hundreds of hours figuring out how much it should be,” Krug said. “My son, who’s a physics major, has been working on it.”

After filling the tube, it is placed into a hydraulic press, and the chemicals are compressed to 4,000 pounds per square inch to make a very hard disc. The discs are then baked for further hardening.

After the stars were placed in the casing and a fuse was inserted, the finished firework weighed a whopping 1,100 pounds.

Now Borden just had to figure out the logistics of launching the firework from Emerald Mountain.

A large metal tube was dug into the mountain and will serve as the mortar for the firework.

A crane will hoist the firework from the Borden property to a flatbed truck. The firework will then be transported to the mountain and lowered into the mortar, where 50 pounds of gunpowder is stuffed in the bottom. When ignited, the explosion will shoot the shell into the air.

“It gets accelerating to 300 miles per hour very fast,” Widmann said, “in fractions of a second.” "

1100 pounds of fireworks going 300 miles per hour sounds pretty majestic. 

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