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When I was a lad, I had a tonka toy. Here it is all grown up.

The Russians Make The Best Truck In The Universe For $50K

No cross-country vehicle in the world posseses such set of internals, doing his irreplaceable and reliable helper, friend, rescuer in the difficult accessible places of Planet.

Twenty-year experience of cross-country vehicle building, in combination with the best world repair parts and technologies, sharpening of every change in the superheavy terms of expeditions, gave a right to present to you SHERP is faithful and reliable, simple and strong OWNER of LACK of roads to us.

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My goodness that thing is huge. 

The Russians Make The Best Truck In The Universe For $50K

Taller, wider but not as long as a Toyota Tundra. You will probably get it into your garage. - Vector Drawing - Toyota Tundra

Wow, that's a surprisingly efficient size. Good for garages until you want to take them out for a spin.

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