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Remote hack prevention for Toyota Prius, Mazda 3, Lexus SUVs & more key fobs

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Got keyless remote? Then your car can be hacked by any kid with a $17 item.

Now instead of keeping kids off our lawns we will have to keep them out of our cars. 

Does this mean that key fobs send out a signal even without anyone pressing down the Unlock button? "Bilton contacted Boris Danev, the founder 3DB Technologies who suggested the girl who unlocked the car, easily, most likely used an inexpensive “power amplifier” to break into Bilton’s Prius.

The device amplifies the distance the car will search for the fob. The key fob was about 50 feet away on Bilton’s kitchen counter. Amplification devices can cost anywhere from $17-$100."

Yes, that's my understanding after reading this:

Proven theft prevention:

the biggest car security system in america meme stick shift imgur

True, almost no one knows how to drive stick anymore.

OK the original article was written very poorly. This hack ONLY works on the "passive" key fobs that recognize you when you get close to the car -- so the more late-model imported type -- not the kind that you have to point and click.

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