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If Romney cuts the 1/100th of a percent of the budget that funds PBS, will Big Bird die?

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Cutting PBS to fix the budget deficit is like deleting text files to clean up our hard drives. It might seem like its doing good, but really it does nothing.

So would doing so kill Big Bird?

Ironically, only in red states:

So will it kill Big Bird? He might need smaller digs but chances are, cuts to PBS won’t kill off Sesame Street and other major programming. What will happen, realistically, is that public television stations would have to find alternate sources of funding. Larger markets, like the one I live in now, would likely survive. But chances are that those smaller markets, like the one I used to live in, would have to shut off the lights. That is, of course, the irony, since those smaller markets are the very ones that PBS was intended to serve when it was created.

Didn't they already cut NPR funding for similar (supposedly non-) political reasons?

They cut it but haven't eliminated it. Yet.

Because they are fair and balanced and educational?

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