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Speaking of Psychology: Nonverbal communication speaks volumes

If you think reading people is not a science, think again. Understanding expressions that only appear on someone’s face for tenths of a second can mean a lot to those who know what to look for. In this episode, psychologist and nonverbal communication expert David Matsumoto, PhD, talks about why nonverbal communication is so important in everything from police investigations to intercultural exchanges.


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"David Matsumoto: Microexpressions are unconscious, extremely quick, sometimes full-face expressions of an emotion. And sometimes they’re partial and very subtle expressions of emotion. But because they’re extremely quick and because they’re unconscious, when they occur, they occur often times less than half a second – sometimes as fast as one-tenth of a second or even one-fifteenth of a second. Most people don’t even see them. Some people do see them but they don’t know what they’re seeing. They see something that has changed on the face, but they don’t know exactly what is was that was changed."

I notice microexpressions when I pause the TV, sometimes you catch some really interesting ones, that show the true side of someone; which usually goes along with their known identity, but sometimes it's very out of character, exposing another side of the person.

Microexpressions are so short lived. I wish real life had a pause button. 

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