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(on video) "Gates Disputes Report That He Backs FBI in Apple Case"

Feb. 23 -- Bill Gates, co-founder at Microsoft and co-chair at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, addresses his view of Apple's battle against an FBI court order to unlock an iPhone belonging to a shooter involved in the San Bernardino, California terror attack and the need for a balance between privacy and government access. He speaks on "Bloomberg ‹GO›." (Corrects quote in headline.)


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Retired U.S. Air Force four-star general Michael Hayden, the only person to serve as the director of the National Security Agency and the CIA, spoke to Yahoo News and Finance Anchor Bianna Golodryga:

"On the debate over whether or not Apple should provide the FBI access to one of the San Bernardino shooters’ iPhone’s, Hayden has sided with Apple. He told Golodryga: “I must admit, my old tribe is not unanimous on the view I’ve taken, but there are other folks like me, other former directors of the NSA who have said building in backdoors universally in Apple or other devices actually is bad for America. I think we can all agree it’s bad for American privacy. We’re arguing it’s bad for American security in terms of what adversaries will be able to do against U.S. citizens.”

No backdoor was needed in the San Bernadino case. 

The IT department already had access to his password. 

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