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Pig Errands: Pick Up, Butcher, Make Stock

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It sounds amazing to buy meat from the farmer and all... but what does that really entail? Portland food writer Kathleen Bauer breaks it down for us.

Chops for days!

Spending a couple of hours in a freezing walk-in may not be most folks' idea of a good time, but watching a whiz like Chris work through a carcass is pretty awe-inspiring, and getting a few tips on deboning a belly and skinning cuts without mangling the meat was well worth it. (The right kind of knife and making sure it's well-sharpened are a great place to start.)

I g­e­t p­ai­d 8­5 bu­ck­s h­ou­rl­y f­or f­­ree­­lan­ci­­ng. I n­ev­­er th­o­ug­ht I c­­a­n m­an­ag­e t­o d­o i­t bu­t m­­­y g­­oo­d fri­­end i­s ma­­­ki­ng 1­­0­00­0 d­­ol­­la­­rs ­­e­­ac­­h mo­­n­­th b­­­y d­­oi­­ng thi­­s jo­­­b a­­nd sh­­­e r­­ec­­­o­­mm­­en­­ded ­­m­­e t­­o c­­hec­­k it out. T­ry i­­t o­­ut on f­­ol­­lo­wi­­ng we­­bsi­­te, y­­­­­ou ha­­ve no­­th­in­­g t­o lo­­se…


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