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Investors Should Seek Companies With Female Executives, a New Dow Jones Reports Says - Venture Capital Dispatch - WSJ

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Women face bias in the tech industry, Mr. Lester said–investors “tend to go with what they know” and are more likely to back a company when it’s run by someone who fits the typical entrepreneur profile, such as a young, male computer scientist who’s graduated from Stanford University and worked at a hot company like Google Inc. or Facebook Inc.

Azure, which was founded by former Wall Street analysts, tries to avoid such bias by basing its investments on research. Also, female tech executives tend to be better on average than their male counterparts because they’ve survived the industry’s “natural selection,” he said.

Any kind of diversity is good for a company because it brings in different points of view when decisions have to be made, said Theresia Gouw Ranzetta, a partner at Accel Partners and one of Silicon Valley’s few female venture capitalists.

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