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An Open Letter To You, by Talia Jane from Yelp, her follow up on Medium

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A new post from the original writer:

"Things have been pretty chaotic for me since last Friday when I wrote that open letter you’ve probably already heard about. A lot of people have sent their support, thanking me for speaking out. A lot of people have sent their criticism, calling me an entitled millennial in every way possible. Some people have even offered me a job or donated money to me — would you imagine that? I certainly never expected even a fraction of the response my letter created. That said, it has brought up an interesting opportunity I never would have anticipated. Rarely do we get the chance to push the needle and ignite a conversation. But one letter isn’t enough to keep that fire going. Which is why I’m writing to you now."

This is well said:

When you’re struggling to make ends meet — regardless of how you got there — it drains you. Your whole world is focused on that struggle and how stuck you feel and all you can do is your best to keep your head above water. When you don’t have access to food, or affordable housing, or the ability to save up in case of emergencies, you miss out on something else, too: the ability to take action.

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