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Thoughts on Gender and Radical Candor

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Real-talk for grownups on how gender affects Kim Scott's very helpful "radical candor" management strategy in the workplace. I should also mention that this is only one aspect of the major critique of radical candor, which is that it's 100% built on cultural assumptions that could not be less agreed-upon right now. Even the example in this article about the young female student who didn't know the quadratic equation... honestly I think that's less a gender mismatch than it is a GENERATIONAL mismatch. I've had plenty of interactions with young people of both genders who literally did not bother to remember the specifics of anything they could look up (post-Google generation), or who had been taught that anything they couldn't remember was the fault of poor teaching rather than poor learning. But there's still a lot of value in this approach and a lot to think about here.

I agree, this seems more a generational mismatch.

Although I too don't remember most things I can look up. 

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