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Caught in the act: Rare panda mating filmed at Vienna zoo

Love was definitely in the air at Vienna's Schoenbrunn zoo on Wednesday when two giant pandas mated several times, a rare event in captivity for one of the world's most endangered species that their keepers caught on camera.

The mating season for pandas, known for their low libido, is once a year, with females only able to conceive for two or three days, making reproduction difficult.

But sparks flew between Yang Yang and Long Hui, and the zoo released a video of the pair in action.

”This is a sensation for giant pandas," Schoenbrunn zoo said in the statement. "...Other zoos and especially breeding stations rely solely on artificial insemination."

With gestation taking up to 163 days, they will now be waiting to see if the mating was successful

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I wonder how the pandas feel about their mating being filmed. 

I deleted the article photo of the pandas mating and went with the cupid drawing instead. Too invasive.

Funny I was thinking the same thing!

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