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"Little Red Riding Hood (Has a Gun)"

Imagine a world where the characters from your favorite childhood fairy tales and fables are armed.

Hansel with a hunting rifle. Or Little Red Riding Hood’s granny with a shotgun.

That world now exists on the National Rifle Association’s NRA Family website, which partnered with author Amelia Hamilton “to present her twist on those classic tales” — a series that has infuriated gun-control advocates, some of whom called it “absolutely sick.”

Gun-rights supporters say the stories — which started with “Little Red Riding Hood (Has a Gun)” and continued with “Hansel and Gretel (Have Guns)” — are a more peaceful alternative to the often disturbing fairy tales from childhood.

NRA Family | Little Red Riding Hood (Has a Gun)

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Is the theory you can achieve more with words and a gun than you can with just words?

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