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Study: Acting tough may be bad for men's health

Researchers at Rutgers University found in a two studies that men are less likely to go to the doctor and are less likely to be honest, often resulting in missed or never diagnosed conditions.

Study: Acting tough may be bad for men's health -

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Men who believe they must act tough, brave and restrained in all situations tend to put off dealing with medical problems more than men with less traditional beliefs about how they should act.

More traditional men also pick male doctors because they think they are more competent, but still resist being honest about health symptoms. At the same time, the men with less traditional views of masculinity are more likely to pick female doctors, with whom they're more honest about symptoms.

"The question that we wanted to answer was, why do men die earlier than women?" Diana Sanchez, an associate professor of psychology at Rutgers University, said in a press release. "Men can expect to die five years earlier than women, and physiological differences don't explain that difference."

All the more reason to see doctors sooner and be honest with the Doctor. 

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