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Orthoprint, or How I Open-Sourced My Face

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The concept: What if you had a chance to save money, make yourself happier, and stick it to the dental appliance industry, all in one shot?


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At the time of writing this, I’m an undergrad, which means that a) I’m broke, and b) I have access to expensive digital fabrication tools - definitely an unusual dichotomy. I was researching [name brand clear-aligner treatment], and I ran across a photo that caught my eye:


Those look like the layer striations from a 3D print!

What is to stop someone, who has access to a 3D printer, from making their own orthodontic aligners?

Turns out, not much! Except for an instict for self-preservation (If you want to lose your lunch, search Google to see how amateur wire braces can go horribly wrong).

I’ll take you on a journey through the process:


In theory people should be able to print their own orthodontic aligners. 

In practice, yeah, a lot can go wrong. 

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