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Global EQ Continues to Decline

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The good and the bad:

Certain EQ competencies are declining more rapidly, including the ability to navigate emotions (which creates emotional balance), engage intrinsic motivation (which is internal drive), and increase empathy (which facilitates connection with others). These declines could lead people to be more reactive/volatile, passive, and isolated — which would have profound effects on personnel, customers, and even the market as a whole.

On the good news side, consequential thinking is increasing, a skill used to pause and consider your choices before acting. Particularly in light of the declines, this increase suggests people will be more evaluative or cautious — which could lead to a very positive shift toward a more careful way of interacting.

The findings, in particular, have profound implications for business. We discovered that the brain talents of collaboration, proactivity, and risk tolerance are decreasing, but those dedicated to adaptability, reflection, and design are increasing:

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