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“Psychology plays a huge role in terms of trying to understand how drivers are interacting with technology"

Years ago, while working in the aviation industry on research about preventing plane crashes, David Strayer, PhD, had a breakthrough: He noticed the same distractions pilots were dealing with in the air were affecting drivers on the road.

His curiosity was piqued.

For the past 12 years, Strayer has been researching, testing and drawing significant conclusions about the effects of distracted driving and how distractions are interpreted and processed within the brain.

“It turns out a lot of the technology that has been created to promote convenience can actually have an adverse effect and overload brain mechanisms, resulting in distractions,” Strayer says. “As a human factors psychologist , I observe what I see in the real world, link it to theory, develop hypotheses and then test them in the lab.”


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Smartphones distracting pilots? Or other technology too?

Tetris specifically or games in general?

Game Boy with Tetris ruled supreme as the defacto distractor around the same time Strayer started his pilot studies. 

Haha, I believe that. iPhone with Tetris isn't nearly as addictive. 

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