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Khan Academy Videos on Renting vs Buying a Home

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From Reddit:

I'm sure many of you already understand that the decision to rent or buy your housing is not always black and white. However, I keep seeing a ton of posts about people wanting to buy because "renting is throwing away money." PF usually does a good job of correcting this misunderstanding, but I thought I'd share another tool I found on the subject.

Khan academy has a fantastic set of videos that covers the differences in renting vs. buying, using a lot of simple math. Videos can be found here If you are someone trying to decide between renting or buying, I highly recommend you spent a half hour to 45 minutes watching the series. 

I'm sure this has been posted before, so I apologize for the repost! I just think it's a helpful reminder to many who may not have seen it and still think that "buying is always better". 

Edit: Just to clarify, the videos are not advocating that buying is a bad decision. Sal (the narrator) ends up buying a home himself because it is right for him. The point of the videos is the analysis which helps you better understand the decision.

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