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Elon's Musk résumé all on one page...

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No, this is NOT a good resume format.  Too crowded, too colorful,  Elon Musk is one of a kind, what -may- look good for him, is not going to work for an engineer, who is one of many applying for a job.

It got torn apart from Commenters. 

Did the commenters tear it apart for any particular reason?

Still a pretty extraordinary resume. 

The main negatives were one-page, the graph, and font size (I don't know exactly how a photo works, but I formatted it in Pages and it still was very tiny).

"Articles such as this, create confusion and stand in the way of candidates that need to get found and get hired. Online resources like Business Insider hire writers to produce content with no regard for reality; crafting article after article by individuals with no actual background or ties to the related claims/content. 

The "one page resume" is NOT true for the average job seeker and quite frankly regardless of how "famous" Elon Musk may be, the featured "one-page" resume would not make it past initial submission, sandwiched among thousands of resumes, if based on the example. So if you are a job seeker and are currently looking for a job and want to be taken seriously in the place of business; AVOID the style of resume implied in the article."

"Hmm....whatever you do, please don't list your skills and competencies as bar graphs. Its obnoxious to lend false precision and the appearance of objectivity to a list of items that you yourself subjectively made-up."

"The format is not ideal, I would probably skip it because it's too busy/too colorful. Being easy to read is important when you're looking at hundreds of these things."

"Well yeah, "one page is all you need" when the font is -4. Try using a normal size font and see how many pages it takes up then."

"Brevity is important. So is getting the point across. Most people will need to list accomplishments which may well push a resume beyond one page."

Most of these are nitpicky but I agree that skills and competencies should not be graphs. 

Also, micromanaging is not a skill. 

Resume is extraordinary because the man is extraordinary - not because of the format. 

We should all strive for distinction by who we are, not our formatting. :)

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