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Cracker Jack Replaces Prizes With Codes For Mobile Games

Cracker Jack — aka America’s original junk food — announced Thursday that the iconic mystery prize found inside each package would be replaced with stickers bearing digital codes for mobile games.


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(A Collectors Convention. I never knew.... should be interesting.

How many Cracker Jack collectors could there possibly be??

Over 400 - enough for a 3 day convention. And you should see the ways they have for displaying their prizes. Passion.

"Hello Fellow Cracker Jack Collector,


For many years collectors had been thinking how nice it would be to have an association that would bring together people like you and me who love collecting Cracker Jack prizes and related items. In April of 1994 that idea became a reality. Since then over 400 collectors have enjoyed the friendships they've made with other collectors and the information they've received by reading The Prize Insider newsletter.


The Prize Insider is published four times a year. It is always jam-packed with prize identification information, club information, and (when available) Frito-Lay upcoming promotions. Interesting articles from the pros of our association, fun page, and classified ads for sellers and traders further round out each issue. Newsletter subscription is included in your membership dues.


So far we've gathered annually, in mid June. Events include workshops, auction, room to room trading and selling, displays, and a banquet."

400 seems like both a big number (there are that many collectors?) and a small number (aren't there many more Cracker Jack eaters?).

Eaters are in proportion to toothpick manufacturing.

I wonder if there are more Cracker Jack collectors or toothpick collectors. 

Avid eaters are toothpick collectors.

Correlation or causation?


Toothpicks for sampling hors d'ouevres? 

Or toothpicks for sampling what's next?

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