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Selfies in the Voting Booth? Snapchat Fights for the Right.

Both supporters and detractors of the restrictions agree that there are significant freedoms at stake. They just disagree on which freedoms to focus on.


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Agreed, I'm not sure which freedom to focus on either. 

Small cameras make buying votes so easy: I give you a token, you take a photo with that token next to your ballot. Proof to me that you voted the way I paid you to. Someone needs to design new paper ballots and voting machines that can't be photographed. (Some sort of coating on machines, a filament running through paper?)

Forging ballots isn't the problem. All traces of what's on the paper must be unreadable, so digital photographs can't be used as proof of how someone voted. I was thinking of a reflective fiber. (Maybe one that bounced back the colors red, white and blue, just to be ironic.)

Interesting, I've never heard of anyone creating unphotographable paper. 

Seems doable as you suggested. 

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