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How one programmer broke the internet by deleting a tiny piece of code.

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This is really scary!

"That left-pad was able to wreak such havoc, even for a brief period, speaks to the way that modern software is developed. Web services of outsized importance, like Facebook, can come to be dependent on obscure lines of code written by other programmers. Soon after the ordeal was resolved, an incredulous post rose to the top of Reddit’s section for programmers: “An 11 line npm package called left-pad with only 10 stars on github was unpublished…it broke some of the most important packages on all of npm.”"

Yes, it's scary how small pieces of code, if broken, can break so many other things. 

Seems like npm does not have a very robust source control system - this module should had been protected from removal. I would think the whole point of Open Source is that once a module becomes available, approved and used, it HAS to stay available. The alternative is to keep copying those modules around. Or was it #include -ed improperly?  ...Weird story on more than one level.

Unclear. Like you said, weird story. 

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