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93% of leukemia patients in remission after an experimental T cell therapy. Another win for Immunotherapy.

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It's early days, but this is promising:

Doctors are reporting "extraordinary" results after the first clinical trial of an experimental type of immunotherapy against advanced leukaemia.

The new approach was tested on 29 late-stage leukaemia patients who'd exhausted all other options. After the therapy, 27 of them went into remission - that's an incredible 93 percent success rate. One patient who wasn't successful the first time around went into remission after a second, higher dose.

To be clear, this is a very early trial and not all patients stayed in remission. In other words, it's much too soon to be getting excited about what this means for the future of leukaemia.

But it is promising that patients who are no longer responding to other treatments might eventually have another option available to them. 

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