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Celiac’s Evolution: The Mind-Boggling Rise of Non-Gut Symptoms

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Instead of obviously gut-related symptoms like diarrhea and bloating, celiac has evolved to often present as a dietary deficiency such as anemia or osteoporosis... or even no symptoms at all. Remember that celiac disease can be diagnosed with a very simple, cheap blood test -- don't wait until you're so sick you need an intestinal biopsy!

And the only treatment right now is a gluten free diet:

Volta, who has published more than 450 scientific papers, says his study sends a message to  physicians – it’s a stark reminder that celiac disease can be tricky and take many forms. When there is doubt, he would order a blood test. This is important as the only celiac treatment right now is a gluten-free diet, which both improves life for patients with symptoms and also protects those who may not yet see the signs, but who may have the beginnings of intestinal damage.

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