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Game of Thrones s6e2 "Home": Jon Snow’s Not Necessarily Well; also what Melisandre Learned from Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrian

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thoros of mir melisandre gif imgur how many times has the lord brought him back six


Also, Thoros of Myr didn't need no King's blood when resurrecting Beric Dondarrion.

Thanks you! I feel like everyone keeps forgetting about this.

There's a very good reason for the need for King's blood. It's when a price must be paid.

When Mel practices her magic, she is asking for something from R'hllor. She must pay for this. That price is King's blood. That's the thing that she hasn't realised yet. She believes she's doing his bidding but she's not, she's getting it wrong. She's asking him to work for her while she believes he's working through her. That distinction is crucial. That distinction is what Thoros realised.

When Thoros first brought back Beric, he didn't intend it. He went through the motions and said the words and was as surprised (more so) as anybody else at what happened. That was R'hllor working through Thoros. He used Thoros as a vessel to do his bidding. There was no price for Thoros to pay.

Mel will pray for Jon. She will say the words, as she should do. She will be as surprised as Thoros was when they bring Jon back and, possibly for the first time, she will be doing R'hllor's work. Her faith renewed. No price to pay.


Alt Shift X on Thoros the Red Wizard:

We will see Thoros again soon. 

Hardcore spoiling in that title!

Better now?  :)

Yes! And I added to it.

Thank you!

Happily. Also added some comments here I think you'll enjoy. 

There are three ways to resurrect. The ice way (white walkers), the science way (the mountain), and the lord of light way (Thoros and Melisandre).

In the books, Beric Dondarrion was brought back to life like eleventy-billion times by Thoros, from some pretty gruesome deaths. And Lady Stoneheart (don't look her up if you plan to ever read the books, or it'll spoil the surprise) had been dead for quite some time before Beric sacrificed his revived life to bring her back. But both Beric and Stoneheart still had some of the injuries they had sustained in their deaths, so idk if head smashing or beheading could be completely undone. Also, Arya had a conversation with Beric and Thoros or maybe just Beric about possibly bringing Ned back, and Beric was like "well he maybe could, but every time you're revived you are less you than the last time" or something like that.


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