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The Internet of Light: Why LiFi May Replace WiFi


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I am so ready for this.

You get bonus points for consistency. You said this a few months ago too. :)

What about a bugs flying around? Could that disrupt light waves, causing transmission interference?

The articles I've read have not mentioned this as an issue.

The bigger issue is the chicken and egg problem of adoption when no one else has it yet either. 

Marlene, communication protocols are typically built in layers, with higher-level features like reliability built on top of lower layers that may lack them.  A common example is TCP/IP, which refers to 2 separate software layers that work together in that way.  IP (Internet Protocol) doesn't guarantee packet delivery, i.e. it's unreliable.  TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) uses IP to provide a (limited) guarantee of packet delivery.  The same kind of thing holds for most of the protocols used to transmit data over wires, air gaps, etc.  Although I'm pretty sure the low-level error checking doesn't have to be as sophisticated for communication over wires, it's still there in some form... if you've ever unplugged an Ethernet cable for a few seconds and then replugged it without anything "breaking", that's what was going on. 

Right, so it makes sense that they've built a reliability layer. 

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